why quit social media?

my last twitter post

i could write a longer essay on my sentiments regarding social media, but since i’ve quit twitter, instagram and linkedin i feel much better! sometimes i think of things to post or thoughts to digitally socialize, but then i write them down and keep them to myself. instead of positing my feelings, how about some questions: is it helpful to read everyone’s thoughts all of the time? who does digital sharing really serve? which filters have we internalized and which are external? is it more beneficial to forget one’s digital trail, or does one’s digital trail enable predation? is social media actually social, or is it anti-social? does the feeling of being understood on a mass level subvert class cohesion in the form of actionable demands and goals? is refusal the only form of protest? what does digital privilege suggest about physical privilege? is everyone on the internet, or is this simply an illusion? what is the relationship between refusal and acceptance? is enlightenment possible? what does reification mean to you? what is mind control, and how is it applied on a mass scale? is it possible to apply mind control on a mass scale? why do we have cravings that are actually toxic to our bodies or psyches? are there positive cravings? what is the difference between satisfying a craving and satisfying a need? are basic human responses, like discovery, creation and love being co-opted by multi-national corporations? are states necessary? how does one overcome self, especially when one is convinced that self is of paramount importance? how does one explain the history of state/corporate collusion without coming across as a total asshole? can history be understood? what does it mean to synthesize?