secret secretions

Engraved illustration of the "chariot vision" of the Biblical book of Ezekiel, chapter 1, made by Matthäus Merian (1593-1650), for his "Icones Biblicae" (a.k.a. "Iconum Biblicarum").

Engraved illustration of the “chariot vision” of the Biblical book of Ezekiel, chapter 1, made by Matthäus Merian (1593-1650), for his “Icones Biblicae” (a.k.a. “Iconum Biblicarum”).

from shisha to spaceships, capitalism is the exploitation of secret, serendipitous or stolen concepts, objects, entities or abilities, often through slavery, for the secret enrichment of a self or sect. sharing is therefore adominable to capitalism (unless that sharing is sanctioned by a sovereign) because it reveals the foundation of capitalism, which is not greed as is often supposed, but rather secrecy. capitalism is not and never has been opposed to the gross and or meticulous transfer of wealth or objects, even in secret, provided their transfer is sanctioned by a sovereign (often via the method of taxation). it is opposed to open sanctimonious secrecies (ie tax free), which it therefore forbids via force. secrecies then are clubs that require the illusion of an often opiated egalitarianism, ie fraternity (instead of humanity or cosmic unity). make no mistake that a customer is a patron that patronizes an establishment, males created and continue to create the systems that stoke secrecy, while referring to prostitution as ‘the oldest profession’. the state regards men as property, while men regard women and land as property, sometimes in combination like the concept of ‘virgin land’ which is then deflowered by slavery. the word ‘lord’ etymologically stems from ‘the guardian of the loaves’. it was women who invented agriculture, but men who invented the systems that exploit it. bank accounts are secret. business transactions are secret. meetings are secret. profits are secret (though publicly posted, but created via accounting and secret offshore entities). technologies are secret. prayer is secret. great effort is invested to maintain this secrecy. the maintenance of the secrecy or remoteness of a source is in turn what enables capitalism. churches continue to exist because they fancy themselves as the middlemen between the masses and god, but their secret is that they are unnecessary as all are the same: the image of god (image being another arabic insight (like coffee and algebra) that has been exploited by the capitalist west for profit, stemming from the latin ‘imago’ but referencing ‘imitation’ which stems from the hittite ‘himma’). This correlation also reflects on the church and/or spirituality as partner with capitalism and the method it maintains to conceal its secrets (money, ideas, ideals, faith, libraries, etc). without churches, no state; without state, no churches. without body, no time, without time no body. without cosmic unity, aka atemporal extropy, no thing. therefore, the concept of radical honesty (or free unity) is antithetically radical to capitalism. the roots of a plant or tree as an idea are both secret through being unexposed, and the foundation of the plant’s ability to replicate, though both the roots and the leaves participate in realizing hidden energies (the roots by finding food in the ground and the leaves through the quantum mechanics of photosynthesis). symbolically, it makes sense that the shamanic world tree has its roots in the air, and is not uprooted but rather inverted and circuit bent. if we knew our true history, we would ask permission from power no longer. if you see the buddha on the road, kill him!