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in 2005 i left new york city and over the course of a month made my way to the san francisco bay area where i subsequently resettled. i carried with me a gifted super 8 camera and shot stop motion film of my trip. during this transition i made a point of not taking any photos, relying instead on the cartridges of super 8 film stock that i had to trust were actually working, though there was no way to prove this until they were developed. i would click away in a rhythmic manner, click.. click…….click.. click…….. click.. click.. click.. i later had the footage digitized and subsequently synchronized it to the second side of lucky dragon’s fantastic album widows. i intended to show liminal paradoxical american spaces and symbols in a non-linear fashion through the inherent emotive nostalgia of bygone physical media, though this project began more as an experiment that congealed into this film than an intentional work of art. i show my life and my friend’s lives in the last moments of youth and the first moments of true adulthood. the title ‘logos’ references the intersection of the known and the unknown as essence.