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rite of passage

sunrise, 125 x 140cm, oil on canvas, 2011 morning dew, 200 x 140cm, oil on canvas, 2011 estimated prophet, 200 x 140cm, oil on canvas, 2011

perhaps the essence of an image’s timelessness relates to the infinity of its nostalgia. nostalgia knows no bounds. rite of passage is a series developed from a 1989 grateful dead documentary entitled ‘love on $14’ that was shot and edited on vhs tape, then transferred to the internet, then saved as a screen capture, projected, and painted. in this way, the incidental moments, those especially laden with infinity, become monuments to timelessness, monuments to the infinity of their nostalgia.

i never attended a grateful dead concert. when i was 14 i was gifted a box of live grateful dead tapes, which hooked me. i would listen to these tapes in secret, as i knew no others with a penchant for the grateful dead. the concert documentary was filmed in east troy, wisconsin at alpine valley. i have attended concerts at alpine valley, but not this one, during which i would have been 7 years old. yet i know the figures and the zen of their pre-internet horizons quite intimately.

each painting is named after a similarly evocative and period sensitive grateful dead song. the documentary may be found here.

the concert series may be heard here: July 17, 1989 July 18, 1989 July 19, 1989


cosmos (it is not far), 122cm x 122cm, oil on canvas, 2009

cosmos (it is not far), 122cm x 122cm, oil on canvas, 2009

cosmos, or an orderly and harmonious system, is the title of the third painting in it is not far. it attempts to depict the paradox of attempting to depict something that can’t and doesn’t yet exist. therefore i painted color field and interwoven energetic filaments. cosmos was painted over one and a half years in 3 different cities.


logos (it is not far), 122cm x 122cm oil on canvas, 2007

logos (it is not far), 122cm x 122cm oil on canvas, 2007

the second painting in the triptych it is not far, logos, is a photo of a paused second generation ipod. unknown artist, unknown album were byproducts of cd-r’s and the beginning of free and wide distribution and memes. they also represent me as the painter of the painting. the duration of the song is 11:11 (there are 7 1’s in the painting) which symbolizes awareness. logos represents the intersection of the divine and language, or ‘the word’, and inherent truth. in this case it is depicted as an antiquated (even in 2006) technological artifact, as the present tense, though real, is necessarily ephemeral. the battery is half full, half empty, and the song is track 1 of 1, one life in one moment. ipods represent personal empowerment and the potential for divine self reflection as an igod.