remain vast and without conflict

In the nature of the mind devoid of concepts,
while meditating, remain in the equality of non-meditation;
even if you still meditate, remain naturally, without conflict.
Distracted, remain stable in non-distraction;
even if you are still distracted, remain freely, without conflict.
While looking , remain suspended without looking;,
even if you still look , remain fixed, and without conflict.
While projecting [the deity], remain alert without exteriorizing;
even if you still project, remain anchored without conflict.
While concentrating, remain clear without concentration;
even if you are still concentrated, remain collected without conflict.
In effort, remain open without forcing;
even if you are still in effort, remain sober without conflict.
While correcting [the mind-stream], remain lucid without correcting;
even if you still correct, remain pure and without conflict.
While accompishing the practice, remain without the effort of accomplishing;
even if you still accomplish, remain spontaneous and without conflict.
While suppressing (thoughts), remain spontaneous without denying them;
even if you still deny them, remain in the unborn without conflict.
While being limited [by trials], remain alert and without fearfulness;
even if you are still limited, remain luminous and without conflict.
While applying yourself, remain relaxed without effort;
even if you are still in effort, remain in the energy which springs forth, without conflict.
While establishing yourself [in meditation], remain free of any basis and without
settling yourself; even if you are still established, remain vast and without conflict.