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[PAUAU] is an ongoing project in which sampled loops of ethnographic field recordings are played simultaneously on top of themselves with a homemade arduinome to create a new type of trance from an already hypnotic style. often these songs are culled from snippets, as LPs, limited in play time and often attempting to condense much longer format celebrations into audio works. [PAUAU] utilizes space and repetition, along with minimal effects, to bridge the cultural and durational void that separates the original event, peoples and forms from the present day. Music is most relevant when it is alive, and just as folk music must be continuously updated to suit the time and the players yet remain reverent to the original form, so must it become current with the ways in which we can understand and play. [PAUAU] attempts to gather cultures together and then let them continue to be themselves, but fractalized. click here to listen to this work in progress.

bot hits

Swirling alien light forms and sampled synths mingle with vintage drum machine sounds and effects to create dj ALLCAPS latest recording, bot hits, named in homage to ‘Web bot hits’, the result of the data set analysis and forecasting work of Clif High. The recording will accompany a recut version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, and is a collaboration with artist Leslie Kneisel.


elaborate, finished in 2007, is a tribute to the late great j dilla. borne out of necessity and zeitgeist, the album is cobbled together loops taken predominately from mp3s of field recordings from around the world but also including flourishes of funk (dyke and the blazers), jazz (lonnie liston smith) and indie-pop (arthur russell and joanna newsom). elaborate is intended as a companion piece to both cultivated incompetence and trance send dental, which if ever released in a physical format would be a triple album. click here to download the whole album.

trance send dental

trance send dental was created using field recordings recorded during my travels in europe in 2007. the raw audio was then chopped into loops and manipulated with ableton live, establishing the feeling of organic impossibility like a surreal dream state.