• is is

    Is Is is a codex of collage that intends to semiotically explains our current human paradigm through employing symbols of various traditions to challenge the dominant capitalist narrative of freedom through object oriented mechanized progress, instead reinforcing that we are all emancipators of ourselves. Is Is questions the nature of reality and consciousness, reminding us that to be human is to be aware of being alive—of being a being—within time and space.

    Is Is is composed of 108 pages (54 front / back panels) of paper collage on illustration board. Its images were sourced from secondhand gifts or found materials, most of which was trash. It was conceived and completed over a period of 3 years, between 2012 and 2015, between la crosa (italia), san francisco and berlin.

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  • gate/gate

    gate/gate, 120 x 120cm, oil on canvas, 2011

    on december 9, 2009 this spiral appeared over the western coast of norway. it was captured on multiple different video feeds and cameras. at first it was explained as a failed russian missile launch, which was virulently denied by the russian military. a week later they acquiesced and took responsibility. however, i don’t believe that the spiral is the result of a failed russian missile launch. since 2009 it has even appeared in different nations and different contexts. as a form, the spiral has been illustrated since prehistoric times, and appears in multiple petroglyphs from various geographical areas. what is this? is it a star gate? is it a russian missile launch? does it matter? in gate/gate two gates are depicted: one allows cars to pass into a parking lot seemingly for a factory, and the other is a mammoth swirling light form. i deliberately chose an image of this phenomenon that featured contemporary human technology markers like telephone wires, minivans and dumpsters to posit it within our historical time, though the spiral remains timeless. Continue reading →